End-of-summer Sales

I love end-of-summer sales.  In Arizona, they are a no-brainer.  It’s supposed to be 115 today, and was 95 when I left the house this morning.  I can buy clothing cheaply now and wear it for another 4 months.  Sales like this are always worth a look.

The one that caught my attention this morning is Avenue.  All CLEARANCE clothing is on sale for an additional 30% off today.  Here are some of the items I’m picking up:

This will look terrific with white jeans.  The cold-shoulder style is very trendy right now, so it isn’t something I want to spend a LOT on.  But frankly, it is cooler and is a nice way to show a little shoulder while still being able to wear a normal bra.

I have to admit that this blue is one of my favorite things this summer.  I have very little of it, but it’s a great, happy color that I am actively buying right now.

What’s great about this pullover is that it provides coverage for work without a lot of warmth.  I can easily see myself wearing this with a black tank and a maxi skirt.

There are several other items I love but which are not available in my size.  If you can wear these, I would snap them up!

I love colorblock, but this is only available now in 30/32
Another great, sharp top but only available in 26/28 and 30/32
Perfect for a fall wedding, but only available in a 16

Author: Rebecca

I am a 40-something professional at a university, who likes to look good, be comfortable AND have time for other things as well. I have an MBA and a PhD in Education Policy, work primarily doing statistical and data analysis on all areas of interest to running a university, and am currently focusing on issues around finance. I am married, with no kids, but two dogs and two cats who cost nearly as much. When I am not working, I enjoy Bikram Yoga, riding my bike (to and from work when the temperature is under 100 degrees), doing cross stitch (the more sarcastic or snarky, the better) and watching way too much TV.