New Anna Scholz at Simply Be

There are some new Anna Scholz item at Simply Be, one of which blew me away in terms of how great it is for work.  Take a look at the whole collection, but particularly this great comeback dress. It is both professional and easy on as cold winter morning.


Author: Rebecca

I am a 40-something professional at a university, who likes to look good, be comfortable AND have time for other things as well. I have an MBA and a PhD in Education Policy, work primarily doing statistical and data analysis on all areas of interest to running a university, and am currently focusing on issues around finance. I am married, with no kids, but two dogs and two cats who cost nearly as much. When I am not working, I enjoy Bikram Yoga, riding my bike (to and from work when the temperature is under 100 degrees), doing cross stitch (the more sarcastic or snarky, the better) and watching way too much TV.