Who are you and what do you mean by “grown up”?

I’m sure some of you are asking just who I think I am. I mean, I just looked at my blogroll and it’s not like there is a SHORTAGE of plus-sized bloggers on the web. So why another one?

  1. Plus-sized women come in a LOT of shapes and sizes, and not all of us look the same.  I looked through a LOT of plus blogs and didn’t find that many women who looked like me, so I decided to fix that.  Our shapes dictate what looks good, not necessarily just our weight.
  2. There are a lot of brands that carry plus fashion that I feel are underrepresented.  We all know immediately if many of the specialty brands are having a sale (Torrid, Simply Be, ASOS Curve, Lane Bryant, etc.), but what about some of the other brands that span sizes?  J.Jill, Coldwater Creek, Soft Surroundings, and other similar brands carry plus sizes, are of good quality, but aren’t department store lines or limited strictly to plus.  These alternative vendors are where I get a lot of my clothing and deserve some coverage as well.  (That is NOT to say I don’t shop those specialty brands as well.  I’m pretty equal-opportunity when it comes to shopping.)
  3. I have massive respect for a lot of the girls in my blogroll, but many are 20 or more years younger than I am.  I would look or feel silly wearing many of the very trendy things they go for.  But that doesn’t mean I need to look frumpy or boring.
  4. Frankly, I disagree with some of the things I see floating around the blogosphere about how to dress a plus-sized body.  Not every outfit is improved with a belt, much of what I see is too tight, and many otherwise wonderfully turned out women REALLY need to buy a supportive and correctly fitted bra.  I reserve the right to rant about these things occasionally 🙂

Point two also comes in to play when I say “grown-up”.  I have a job and don’t have to buy only the least expensive items.  I am far more likely to drop things off at Goodwill then buy them there.  I love a good bargain as well as the next girl, and am happiest buying things on sale, but I will buy great pieces at full price with no guilt.

Point three also relates to “grown-up”.  As I was putting together my blog roll I saw something like 3 outfits involving tutu’s.  Ah, to be 23 again.  However that was, quite literally, half a lifetime ago for me.  I am not likely to wear anything like that except at halloween.  I believe that if you wore a trend the last time it was the big thing, you really shouldn’t wear it this time.  (I’m talking to you, flash-dance sweatshirts, jump suits and harem pants.  Thank goodness the stirrup pant thing didn’t last this time around.)  But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear clothing on the trendy side.  Just that it needs some thinking through.

This blog will be my way of thinking through what does and doesn’t work, and why.  It will show some examples of how to look like an adult, feel good about yourself, stay on trend (without becoming a fashion victim) and wear clothing that is comfortable all at the same time.


Why are we here

As a plus-sized woman, I have regularly gone out onto the web looking for clothing and styling ideas.  There are a lot of great blogs out there (see my blogroll for examples).  But I have found myself dissatisfied; something has been missing.

  • There are brands that I shop regularly that get no coverage
  • The ones that DO get covered seem to be the younger, less expensive brands that focus on trendy clothing
  • Many of the styles I see are too trendy for work, especially as a senior professional
  • Many of the girls just don’t look like me, both in terms of proportion and in terms of style

So rather than bemoan the lack of blogs that talk about things I’m interested in, I thought I would start one myself.

My goal is to present styles appropriate to

  • Professionals; people who work in offices, often in management or customer-facing rolls, where our wardrobe sets the tone of our work
  • 35+ years old; While I wish I was still 22, I am 46 and feel as though there are some things that just don’t work anymore
  • Brands that carry up to a size 24 at least (and preferably larger), of a quality that is likely to last
  • Reasonably priced.  That doesn’t mean cheap, but it DOES mean that I’m not afraid to wear it out of the house and feel like I got a good deal.
  • Trendy clothing only to the extent that it can be sprinkled in without looking like a fashion victim
  •  Clothing that is COMFORTABLE and FEELS GOOD, both physically and emotionally

The clothing you see on here won’t always be expensive.  Heck, I’ve got a cheap streak a mile wide.  But I refuse to give up on good brands and high quality.  As such, I’ve become one heck of a shopper, and will share what I find with you!